I often refer to Bob Smizik as the blogfather of this community. If Bob is indeed our Vito Corleone then Don Orris is undoubtedly his son and successor Michael; successful in the outside world but ultimately forced, against his will and better judgment to run the family business. When he started this incarnation of the blog in Don promised me that within five years, FOB Sports would be completely legitimate. Am I Hyman Roth? Is Marnie actually Connie? Who is Connell? He was undeterred by injury, even the permanent loss of key players such as Luca Brasi. Exhibits A, B, and C as frequently sited on this blog are their refusal to spend money, embodied by what are typically bottom five payrolls.

Nothing personal, just/only business

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I want to create a motto for a language course, it has the word “only” in its name. That is why I wonder if “Nothing personal, ONLY English” sounds.

Do you take things personally? One of the most difficult parts of a manager is being put in the middle between conflicting or unaligned executives. But, it is a necessary and important part of the role of an upper manager. Most upper managers are not good at this though. Maurice dissects this a Champion Your Ideas – Trailer. The Leadership That Creates Excellence. Leadership that Creates Excellence – Trailer.

This new Covid world has required new approaches. But many managers feel executives over-control things and not easily d FineTuned Living. Winning in the Workplace. Nicho’s World.

Wednesday Brain Drain – It’s Not Personal, It’s Just Business

Woodland Cell Phone Repair would like to do its part in supporting the small businesses of our community, according to a statement from the West Main Street firm. Many businesses are experiencing a drastic decline in customers and sales. Our goal is to give you all some incentive to get out there and give our local economy a little boost. As planned, Woodland Cell Phone Repair will be raffling off two prizes in a random drawing amongst qualifying contests.

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These are not the commandments from the book by the same name. These are commandments formed by the immigrant community with years of experience. What they can wish is if only someone had told them about these implicit rules when they moved here. Nevertheless, here you go. People would have school friends, colony friends, college friends, bus friends and so on. Out here, it is relatively difficult to make friends on the go. American culture tends to be closed.

Selling A Company: It’s Not Just Business, It’s Personal

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Sadly many of us may have had it said directly to us. Well I say BS.

I bring this movie quote up because it is heard frequently from exasperated landlords attempting to explain, cajole, and threaten to their non-.

Just wait. Wait until you start applying for jobs. Everything about it will absolutely, positively, without a doubt, feel personal. So, then you start to feel bad about feeling bad. Prepare yourself. To you. To your friends. And, worse yet, no one will talk about it. Everyone will put on the brave smiling face. So, it was an amazing admission.

And, I get that. Your entry into the working world has hardly, if at all, begun. An effort to get to you before. Before you spin your wheels, beating yourself up, just for being human and taking rejection personally.

It’s strictly business, nothing personal

He said he would be back with the Thunder next season and was salivating over the thought of coaching a fully healthy squad for the first time. Those hopes came to a crashing end Wednesday when Thunder General Manger Sam Presti announced Brooks had been fired after seven seasons as head coach. Oklahoma City finished the season with record and missed the postseason by one game for the first time in five years.

Rumors had been flying around since before the season ended that Brooks would be shown the door when the season ended. But after his exit interview Friday, they began to settle down.

Starbucks executives are not alone in their optimism of China and learning from the country. theme supported by the central government in its business. Many of the comments in this forum are personal to the individual but that is reliance on verifiable credible evidence and accumulated up-to-date.

Digitas’ Ashley Smith explores the impact of merging professional and personal lives and how it can infuse more humanity in B2B marketing. We are living in a world where our professional lives are so intertwined with our personal lives that at times it feels hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. Working from home means our living rooms have become our offices and ROIs have shifted to include intangible benefits like the amount of time saved in commutes, reinvesting time to be spent connecting with family and friends.

This merger of our personal and professional spheres offers companies a unique opportunity to infuse a bit more humanity into traditional B2B marketing strategies and tactics. B2B customers have traditionally been marketed to as employees-first but are now making their business decisions in the context of their broader lives.

As your brand considers more creative, non-traditional channels to connect with your customers, create clear roles for these channels that outline which are more suited for infusing messages for their professional persona and those that could be relevant for meeting them when they are off the clock. Setting channel roles will guide how to best activate messages that tell consistent, authentic stories and reach your customers in the most impactful moments. With the amount of information B2B buyers have at their fingertips, they are looking to brands to help them make their decisions more quickly, providing them with information they need and speaking to them in ways that resonate with the end user.

Presenting key information that is easily digestible, speaks to their needs and meets them in key moments enables them to act more quickly and with confidence—reassuring and streamlining their decision-making process.

10 Commandments of American Culture

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That’s why the popularity of internet dating sites like e-harmony and now social Keep in mind, Biblical principles are not just applicable to individuals and some employers terminating people and saying, ”It’s not personal, it’s just business.

Having run the business for over eight years, Ed explained that an owner is bound to have strong feelings when exiting a business he has put a lot of time and effort into for years, regardless of how the business has been doing. Breaking the news of the sale to the employees became especially tough for Ed because he could not reveal that they will be working for a new owner until they were certain that the deal will push through.

We were working with the owner for months and we couldn’t reveal anything that was going on Less than a week before the closing date, the couple told their employees, who did not receive the news positively. Ed and Sonia had to assuage their fears and reassure them that the new owner did not want to change anything and that they were not going to lose their jobs. How did Ed conquer the wash of emotions that went through him during the closing?

He reminded himself that he is a separate entity from his business and that who he is as an individual is different from his business. Apart from telling future sellers to detach from their business, Ed also advises them to:. Be patient. Just keep a long view perspective on it. Keep the sale confidential. If the buyer were to back out before the deal closed after we told employees, there’d be instability and it would just not be a good thing.

The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch)