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‘NY Ink’: Things Turn Ugly After Ami And Chris Face Off Outside The Shop (VIDEO)

Happy New Year! I am now booking tattoo appointments for ! To make an appointment with me for the new year, be sure to send me an email at meganmassacrebooking gmail. If your potential tattoo is a cover up please include pictures of the tattoo you would like to have covered and how old the original tattoo is. From two summers ago in LA. The bodysuit is by Cosmo and Nathalia and the antler crown by Jessica Louise.

Who Is Amber Diamond Cisco s Love Hip Hop Hollywood Shameless New York Post Chris Brown Has Something to Say About the Allegations That He is On.

Ami told Chris to stop talking trash about his shop, and then things got more heated as the expletives started to fly. As the two traded insults their respective crews got into it with each other on the sidewalk and the tension was palpable. Ami dissed Chris’ level of protection, saying “you don’t need no bodyguards! However, as Robear was giving his side of the story with classic understatement — “I don’t know if anything really got resolved, you know” — he was hit by something.

That something turned out to be an egg. As their car screeched away down Wooster Street Chris’ crew launched a drive-by egg attack on the shop. As a mad Robear ran off in hot pursuit an incredulous Ami asked, “you got Robear chasing you up and down the block and you don’t stop the car? TV Replay scours the vast television landscape to find the most interesting, amusing, and, on a good day, amazing moments, and delivers them right to your browser. US Edition U. Coronavirus News U.


Ami and the rest of the WSSC crew are back, and on the tattoo map with business booming. Ami is spread thin with the huge demands at the shop and he is seeing his family less and less. The rivalry also continues between Ami and banished tattoo artist Chris Torres, but will they be able to bury the hatchet to benefit both of their careers? But, more success means more problems. Can Ami keep it all together and still find time to balance his work and family life?

Ami decides to throw a party to celebrate the boom in business at Wooster Street Social Club.

Today, Megan was going to give me my very first tattoo and the entire segment was going to be filmed for the second season of NY Ink. I really loved Megan’s work.

After Miami Ink — ended, tattoo artist Ami James moved to New York City in to fulfill his dream of opening a new tattoo studio, which he named the Wooster St. Open everyday from 12pm to 8pm. I’m Ami James and I’m a tattoo artist. New York is the greatest city in the world. And to compete here, you have to elevate the game. So I’ve hand-picked the finest tattoo artists around. Because I don’t want the best tattoo shop in New York, I want the best shop in the world.

There’s millions of stories in New York City, and our job is to tell them all From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Futon Critic.

Miami, NY, and LA Ink: Where are They Now?

Well maybe not very one!! Justin Bieber , a man who is not “sorry” about his love of tattoos or Jesus , has taken to social media to proudly display his inked-up torso, showing off his love of God, man and shirtless selfies. Much of the torso work was done by the famed tattoo artist Bang Bang in News reported at the time.

Cast · Dave Navarro · Chris Nuñez · Angel Rose – Team West · Bob Jones – Team West · Raul Ugarte – Team West · Hiram Casas – Team West · Arlene Salinas – Team.

New York Ink follows Ami, as he opens a shop in the city where if you aren’t the best, you won’t survive. Risking his reputation and finances on a huge new space in Manhattan’s ultra cool Soho district, Ami has recruited an elite staff of artists who’s personalities are as big as their tattoo skills. Will they be able to join forces and make an indelible mark on the New York tattoo world, or will the stresses of the city be too much for Ami and his team to handle?

Ami is taking the biggest financial risk of his life because he believes that in order to make it in New York it’s go big or go home. To help ensure the shop’s success he has invited some of the best artists in the business to join his team. But when someone from Ami’s past walks through the door and asks for a job, Ami quickly discovers that bringing on another artist may have been a big mistake.

The Gloves Are Off Ami James has opened an amazing tattoo shop in Manhattan and filled it with some of the best tattoo artists in the world. After a rough opening week, continued problems with artist Chris Torres make Ami question if it’s already time to make a change. Megans partying causes Ami to doubt her as the prodigy. Blood is Thicker Than Ink The pressure of being Ami James’ apprentice and best friend brings Billy to the boiling point, and Chris seizes a romantic opportunity when Megan finds out her man cheated on her, with her best friend.

Out of the Box Ami gets a harsh reminder that business isn’t doing as well as he had hoped. When shop manager Jessica tries to help, she ends up doing more harm than good. Think Again Ami must tell Jessica a hard truth when a magazine photoshoot pushes her to re-evaluate her job at the shop.

The Brooklyn Rail

By Dailymail. Dave Navarro has a new love in his life. Scroll down for video. New couple: Dave Navarro, left, is reported to be dating Andrea Tantaros, right. The pair are said to have been dating for a couple months after meeting through a mutual friend. They have been seen smooching around New York City, with a recent sighing including a romantic stroll just a few weeks ago.

Pursuant to Supreme Court order, dated July 15, , the Board of Bar Examiners is pleased to announce that it has entered into an additional reciprocity agreement with New York for the portability of scores from the October 5th-6th, Campise, Christopher Reinprecht, Megan For CardScan (Ink and Roll) processing.

She plays bass guitar. But most of all — Megan Massacre is one really amazing tattoo artist. I first met Megan one hot summer day last August. You can read about our adventure here. Today, Megan was going to give me my very first tattoo and the entire segment was going to be filmed for the second season of NY Ink. She has such a unique style that was different from most of the other artists I had seen.

I mean, tatting a dog dressed as a Victorian Lady or a dude getting hit by a bus is definitely not something you see every day.

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By Ted Johnson. By Pete Hammond. By Antonia Blyth.

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Megan Massacre Photos – Dave Navarro and tattoo artist from NY Ink, Megan Massacre, Rock royalty attend funeral for Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell. Pharrell.

Everybody loves a good tattoo. For thousands of years, people have wanted all kinds of things immortalized on their bodies. Pictures and names of loved ones are popular with the sentimental crowd. Others prefer to get tribal symbols or animal portraits to show their allegiances. Some people even like having their names spelled in different languages, though that rarely ends well. Like any other popular niche, tattoos have found their place in the reality television market. The show’s initial cast, led by the soft spoken Ami James, have since gone on to achieve tattoo stardom.

Kat Von D in particular has stayed in the headlines for reasons both good and bad. People from around the world flock to Love Hate Tattoo Studio in Miami to have their dreams inked on them forever. No show is without its share of secrets, though, and to this day the original cast continue to get themselves involved in scandals.

The Post-Vomit Kiss