The Good The inch MacBook Pro may be a bit old, but its performance and battery life still fare well compared with newcomers. The giant touchpad is a pleasure to use and the display is excellent. The Bad Having only USB-C ports can be a hassle, and the keyboard is at best an acquired taste — and at worst possibly defective. A lot of people may think it’s not worth paying a premium for the Touch Bar. The MacBook Pro received minimal updates between and the model reviewed here; in the year since, it’s received zero, not even a basic update to the latest 8th-generation Intel Core processors. If it wasn’t broken, the don’t-fix-it maxim would make sense, but the keyboard that we called “an acquired taste” has been the subject of class-action lawsuits , with Apple finally agreeing to fix all the MacBook Butterfly keyboard models. And the Touch Bar really turned out to be more of a curse than a blessing for some people. Plus, in a year of 4K options, its formerly “high resolution” Retina display no longer stands out, although it maintains its reputation for good color. Because of all these, we’ve dropped the design rating from a 9 to an 8.

Apple Events Chronology

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Apple to release new 13-inch MacBook Pro in May, leaker claims

Apple has updated its MacBook Pro, with a new inch version. That new keyboard first arrived with the inch version of the MacBook Pro , in November. It then came to the MacBook Air last month. Otherwise, the computer keeps largely the same design at its larger sibling.

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Any update will need new machines sporting ARM chips, and the latest leaks highlight the first hardware Apple will release. Apple Inc. Chris Welch reports for The Verge :. It will come preloaded with a beta versions of macOS Big Sur and Xcode to help developers ready their apps for consumer Macs when they launch starting later this year. Developers should not that they are not buying the Mac, when the program is over Apple will want their Mini back.

At that point, developers will need to head to the Apple Store just like everyone else. Naturally there is one laptop and one fully desk-bound computer, offering an ARM option for the two main MacOS locations. What Apple must be careful to do is not upset the sales of the existing MacOS machines.

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Pros. ✓Ultraportable, slimline design; ✓Weighs kg; ✓Bright, colourful Retina Display; ✓Kaby Lake processor update.

Apple’s customers and the press expect new hardware product updates for each product category from Apple every year, but Apple’s corporate secrecy makes it difficult to predict when new products will be released. Complicated, scattered data, put together here for easy reference. Starting with data from , these designs use an annual calendar data visualization to clearly show both product announcements and release dates for Apple’s major products.

The patterns were easier to understand when the product categories were broken apart into separate infographics. Bookmark and return to this page in the future as it will be updated as new products are announced and released. Please share any suggestions or feedback for future revisions in the comments on the blog post. Here’s a simple data visualization graphic that highlights one specific insight learned from the larger visuals below.

The iPhone releases have followed a distinctive timing pattern for the last eight years, which we can use to predict the iPhone release. Apple consistently avoids holding their event on September 11th, and we have enough history that the layout of dates in September has begun to repeat. They have tried to announce the new iPhones on the second Tuesday of September, and then release the phones on the Friday of the following week. You can also see a consistent pattern of the announcement one week, and the products released the following Friday.

Since , new Apple Watch hardware has consistently been announced at the iPhone Events in September every year. MacBook Pros have been regularly getting updates once a year, but not in any particularly consistent month.

Apple Recalls MacBook Pro Batteries, Adding to Its Laptop Problems

Earlier today Apple announced a recall for some of its MacBook Pro laptops because of problematic and potentially hazardous batteries. Apple has not yet responded to a request to comment on the record about the frequency of its repair and recall notices. June 22, Apple announces a free keyboard repair program. June 27, Apple offers free battery replacements for faulty inch MacBook Pros.

November 12, Apple announces a solid-state drive replacement program.

Apple in September unveiled the new iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max with triple-lens cameras, A13 chips, faster Face ID, Night Mode, shatter.

Apple perfects its current laptop design, with great power, battery life and now an excellent keyboard. It is the latter machine reviewed here but both two and four-port machines share the same design, including screen, keyboard and trackpad, leaving processing power and connectivity the differentiators. The 13in MacBook Pro is the same height and width, but 0.

The Bright and beautiful, it covers a wider colour gamut than most competitors. The keys feel good with a subtle doming, and the 1mm key-travel — the distance the key sinks when pressed — is enough to be satisfying while still being firm and stable. The Touch Bar remains largely untouched.

Photos out of order? View or change the date and time for photos on a Mac

By: FilioTech Updated on: May 13, If you ever wondered, how to change the date in macOS Catalina, or if you have following error message:. Try running again.

Apple has a new inch MacBook Pro with a Magic Keyboard this ​inch MacBook Pro is identical to the last few dating back to

Rarely, Mac users may notice their clock is displaying the wrong system time. Be sure the Mac is connected to a wi-fi network or ethernet network, this is necessary to access the internet time servers and maintain a consistently accurate date and time on the Mac clock. That is by far the simplest approach to guaranteeing the Mac consistently shows the proper time in the clock and uses the proper date and time with applications. This is the recommended approach, particularly for Mac users who travel or who leave their computers off for an extended period of time, as the latest region and time is pulled automatically from Apple servers to set the proper clock and date information.

How exciting , you can also manually set the clock and date and time yourself in Mac OS X. If you encountered these issues after coming back from an extended break or after traveling across the date line or into a new time zone, you may also discover your iOS devices are off as well, but fortunately fixing an iPhone or iPad showing the wrong time is easy too.

Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. There is a seemingly endless number of blogs, websites, and forums dealing with computers having problems with their system time lagging or not syncing. Here is the real problem: Your computer is connected through a firewall that is blocking traffic on port Even your standard home router from your ISP will block port by default.

How that is done various greatly from router to router, so you will have to learn how to use your equipment. All great comments to a topic that really is abut common sense automatic time update with time zones , except in IT there is no such thing as a common sense.

Apple’s completely rethinking the Mac Pro for 2018 (Apple Byte)